Autologous adipose stem cells are used for treatments. These are derived from your own body fat deposits, usually obtained by liposuction.  The tissue is then treated by mechanical isolation and/or enzymes to break down the tissue, centrifuged and washed with saline. The stem cells are separated then given to Dr Vickers for administration back to the patient. This method is safe and effective, and has been published in the international peer reviewed literature (Vickers et al. Journal of Pain Research 2014). The same method has been used to produce outstanding results for chronic headache and degenerated nerves and tissue (Vickers, MedicineToday 2015).

HERBAL MEDICINE                                                                                                                             r Dr Viickers is qualified in herbal medicine (Southern Cross Herbal School, University of Newcastle). Stem cells are responsible for regeneration of the injured body. Herbs have been used to improve the healing response of injured tissue for thousands of years. Professional grade herbal extracts are used and are tested by liquid chromatography to ensure the presence of active constituents (termed flavonoids). Safety and efficacy of key flavonoids has been published (Vickers et al. Open J Dentistry & Oral Medicine 2015)​

​Regenerative peptides are vital components in our body to recover and maintain cellular health. Certain regenerative peptides have been shown to increase numbers of stem cells and improve clinical outcomes. Dr Vickers will advise you on the scope of these peptides for additional functional and cosmetic improvements of the face and scalp hair regeneration. A great deal of knowledge is required to utilise peptide therapy and Dr Vickers has undertaken analytical and peptide chemistry for 25 years and has publications in the field of chemical methods and clinical therapy (Vickers, MedicineToday 2015). He holds two international patents for the use of peptides for hair regeneration and hair melanogenesis (anti-graying).
Laboratory microscope image of stem cell expansion on Matrigel medium at 7 days post plating at the Australian Government Stemcore Facility, University of Queensland (copyright Dr Vickers).